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The toolbar is one of the primary ways you'll be interacting with Polynote.

It is divided into sections, which we will go over now.

Toolbar Sections

The toolbar is divided into three sections: Notebook, Cell and About.

Notebook section

Notebook Section

This section contains buttons that interact with the currently active notebook. The three relevant buttons are:

  • The Run All button Run All Cells which queues up all cells of the current notebook to run in order.
  • The Download button Download Notebook which downloads the current notebook as an ipynb file.
  • The Clear Output button Clear Output which clears the output of all notebook cells.

The other two buttons are placeholders for future functionality that are currently not in use.

Cell section

This section contains elements for interacting with the currently active cell.

This section has two subsections. On the left is the Cell section, which holds elements for interacting with the current cell regardless of its type. On the right is the a cell detail section, which changes depending on whether the currently active cell is a Code or Text cell.

We'll start with the invariant Cell section first.

Toolbar Cell Section

  • The Cell Type dropdown is used to change the type of the cell. This is equivalent to the dropdown found on Code cells but it can also convert a cell from Code to Text and vice-versa.
  • The Insert Cell Above Insert Above and Below Insert Below buttons, which insert a new cell above or below the currently selected cell.
  • The Delete Cell button Delete Cell which deletes the currently selected cell.

Code Cells

Toolbar Code Cell

  • The run cell button Run Cell runs the currently selected cell.
  • The next button Run Cell Until Selected runs all cells above the currently selected cell until (and including) the currently selected cell.
  • The stop button Stop Execution cancels any currently-running execution (not limited to the current cell). See the advanced section to learn more about how stopping works.

Text Cells

Toolbar Text Cell

The Text cell subsection contains the typical rich text editor interaction elements, along with a few special ones.

For more details, see the Text Cell documentation.

About section

Toolbar About

Finally, the About section at the top-right corner contains buttons to access the About menu.