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Text Cells

Text Cells provide you the option of a Rich Text Editing or a traditional markdown editing experience.

Rich Text Editing

Rich Text Editing allows you to edit and format text as you type it, like editing a document.

The Text Toolbar contains standard Rich Text Editing elements:

  • Text style (Heading, Paragraph, etc.)
  • Emphasis (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough)
  • List (unordered, ordered)
  • Indentation

Text Toolbar

It also contains a few non-Standard options.

The code button tags the currently-selected text as code, formatting it as monospaced.

The link button tags the currently-selected text as a link. Clinking on a link will reveal the URL in a tooltip, allowing you to navigate to the website.

Code and Link

LaTeX Editor

You can also input LaTeX into your text cells, using the button that looks like a Sigma.

LaTeX Editor

Markdown Editing

The Markdown Editor allows you to edit your text directly as markdown in a code editor and see it rendered as traditional compiled markdown.

To enable markdown editing in place of traditional Rich Text Editing, set the markdown setting to true in the About menu.

To view an example of markdown in Polynote, see the example notebook on Writing Markdown.

Markdown Editor