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Why Polynote?

See the Why? section of our README for more information.

Where can I find example notebooks?

We've created several example notebooks to showcase common use cases for Polynote - to see them, either navigate to ./docs-site/docs/docs/examples in your local directory or view them on GitHub here.

These examples are pre-populated into the Docker distribution of Polynote.

Does Polynote have support for headless mode/programmatic execution of notebooks?

Polynote has a very rudimentary notebook runner that can be accessed via the command line today, however there is not currently full support for the programmatic execution of notebooks. You can track this issue here.

Who can contribute to Polynote?

Anyone! Polynote is made possible by the investment of Netflix OSS.

You can contribute by opening an issue, updating our documentation, or creating a pull request. For more information, check out the Developing with Polynote section.

How can I get in touch with the Polynote community?

You can join our Gitter chatroom! This is a great place to give quick feedback, ask questions, and have more back-and-forth discussions about Polynote.